Helengi Engineering Ltd presents for the first time, during Posidonia 2016, the LNG Bunker Feeder vessel Amaltheia. A state of the art vessel that is designed and engineered by Helengi Engineering in collaboration with NAP Engineering.

Helengi Engineering Ltd Presents LNG Bunker Feeder Vessel “Amaltheia” During Posidonia 2016

This is the result of years of intensive engineering studies and it is the first time that Greek companies undertake such a demanding and complex design on this special type of vessel. Both Helengi and NAP Engineering teams display extensive expertise in Marine Engineering and LNG marine applications with wide international experience in the sector. Helengi Engineering and NAP Engineering have been collaborating on this unique innovative project which will boost shipbuilding sector bridging the present with the LNG future era.

The purpose of this vessel is to provide bunkering LNG services to the Port of Piraeus as well as to feed with LNG fuel other ports such as Patras and Heraklion.

«Amaltheia» has a capacity of 1400 m3 of LNG, however, the vessel can accommodate up to 2000 m3 depending on requirements.
Following «Amaltheia», more LNG vessels of various capacities are to ensue.

Source: Helengi Engineering Ltd.