HH Ferries Group has reached another milestone on the journey towards greener ferry operations on Öresund, securing environmental management certification in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard. The certification follows targeted work and confirms HH Ferries Group’s systematic approach to environmental management.

HH Ferries Group obtains ISO certification for environmental management

Image courtesy: HH Ferries Group

“We operate a sustainable ferry route and work diligently with both process optimisation and utilisation of modern technology with a view to reducing our environmental impact in the Öresund area. It is an integral part of our strategy to safeguard the environment, and we are therefore proud to have obtained the certification, which is also an acknowledgement of the efforts made by our employees operating a proper business with respect for the region’s environment,” said Henrik Rørbæk, CEO at HH Ferries Group.

The company is among the first ferry operators on a high-intensive route such as Helsingborg-Helsingör to obtain environmental management certification under the ISO 14001:2015 standard. With the certification, HH Ferries Group commits to continuously improving the environmental management system and the company’s efforts to reduce its environmental effects. The operator’s processes have, among other things, to contribute to reducing the use of resources, ensure environmental concerns are taken in account in procurement and employee education as well as minimise the use of chemicals in daily operations. HH Ferries Group registers the company’s environmental impact and ensures systematic follow-up to improve efforts and results.

“While it is most certainly not new for us to work on reducing our environmental impact, the certification does provide us with specific tools, and it defines the framework for an even more structured approach to the work. We are operating a high-intensity ferry route in a densely populated area, and we thus want to be pioneers within green ferry operations,” said Henrik Rørbæk.

From 2007, the ferries on the route have adhered to SECA emission rules, which became mandatory in 2015. Furthermore, HH Ferries Group has initiated the introduction of battery operation on the two ferries Tycho Brahe and Aurora to further reduce the ferries’ environmental impact.

Source: HH Ferries Group