The Coast Guard today rescued 11 survivors of a sinking cargo ship in the high seas off the Andaman Islands. The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre at Port Blair received a distress message from cargo ship MV ITT Panther at 6:25 am, reportedly listing dangerously about 206 nautical miles from Port Blair, the Coast Guard said in a statement. The crew had abandoned the vessel in a life raft.

11 Indian Crew Rescued from Sunken Ship ITT Panther

A Dornier aircraft was launched immediately and a ship deployed from Port Blair for a sea-air coordinated search and rescue. The aircraft located the survivors in a life raft at 9 am. The ship reportedly sank due to loss of stability resulting from flooding.

Coast Guard ship Rajkamal arrived in area at 4:10 pm and all the 11 people were rescued and taken on board, the statement said.

All the survivors, who were taken to Port Blair, were provided first aid and food.

Source: NDTV