Helix T1200 - the Subsea Beast

By Curiós

If you need to cut a 8 m. deep trench in the bottom of the ocean waters floor to run flowlines out to a new production rig?
There is no problem. With Helix Energy Solutions' new T1200 subsea trenching behemoth is just that you are searching. It looks like a mix between a spacecraft and an Abrams battle tank. Helix T1200 is a massive part of equipment with weight more than 33 tons (33,000kg) and towering to a height of 12.6ft (3.8m).
While Helix is not yet in service, construction of the T1200 trenching and burial unit is one step closer to entering service following testing and installation of its 2 huge caterpillar tracks.
The vehicle also got wet for the 1-st time in the manufacturer’s test tank in the central parts of England. Still undergoing final fitting, the T1200 is expected to be delivered to Helix ESG in this summer and will begin work on board another new asset to Helix ESG’s ROV Support Ship fleet, the Grand Canyon. The 1,125hp ROV is going to use high-powered water jets to cut up to 30 feet into the seafloor and lay power cables, or other tubular products like oil and gas pipelines.