The nomination for CSR award at Containerisation international awards 2015 has been received by Maersk Line shipping company for its support offered to Ebola crisis in West Africa. Back then when the virus struck the Africa continent, Maersk Line provided continued transport services, extra equipment and $1 million UN donation.

Maersk Line believes they are more than just a fleet of vessels. They believe they have an important part in the operations in the regions where they run transport services, especially in times of crisis situations.

The company commitment to keep the directions of trade to the countries hit by Ebola was important as much as to keep them opened so that the business could continue to run, as well as supplying food and products.

Maersk Line, nominee for CSR award at Containerisation International Awards 2015

Notable achievements by Maersk have included:

• Support of the trade to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea with four Maersk Line vessels on continued weekly base;
• The Liberian APM Terminals in Monrovia continued to operate the port under the special regulations of WHO which required precautionary measures for diseases to ensure the safety of employees;
• Monrovia APM Terminals built and handed over an Ebola treatment camp to the government of Liberia in October 2014. In the center were situated 50 tents for more than 100 patients, also 10 tents used as offices for medical and administrative personnel. Maersk Line donated plastic liners, the material used for the tents. The treatment center has toilets, showers, a visitor center and a disposal site.

Maersk Line believes that their company is characterized as a transport carrier with high social responsibility in the countries where they operate despite the Ebola crisis. Part of their company policy is to keep open trade lanes for the local economy needs, to provide aid supply and relief cargo.