A pilot project introducing innovative laser repair procedures regarding the metal parts of all types of vessels has been initiated in the Primorsky Territory of Russia, according to reports.

The metallic part laser reordering technology in Russia’s Primorsky Territory is the product of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)’s Far Eastern Branch along with the Vladivostok-based Dalzavod vessel-repairing center and the Far Eastern Federal University.

Robox complexes are going to be provided with high-power lasers which are going to allow for the automatic repairing of coats consisting of various metals on defective parts, thus fully restoring the separate units’ operational integrity, according to the RAS Far Eastern branch.

“By using lasers, coats of different metals are going to be put on defective parts in order to completely restore them. Lasers are among the list of the most versatile instruments available – they cut materials, weld them and clean surfaces,” it further added.

“The Primorsky Territory is getting ready to set up a major vessel-building plant Zvezda, vessel-repair plants are already in request of the laser center’s services. It is far more profitable for them to opt in for restoration procedures via laser cladding rather than purchase new sophisticated and highly expensive parts. The technology at hand is not simply being developed as a form of a scientific experiment but as an answer to the demand of industrial enterprises. The center’s organizers have already secured contracts with a number of Primorsky companies,” commented Vasily Usoltsev, Primorsky Territory First Deputy Governor.

According to plans, the innovative project is to be subjected to further expansion, turning it into a full-scale repair facility during the course of the following three years.