Everyone loves to dream and we cannot restrain ourselves from dreaming whatsoever. Some of us have a dream of buying a new house while others have a dream of buying a new car. Also, there are some who love to travel and dream of traveling around the world, someday in the future.

Students worldwide have a huge scope for traveling to distant places for their assignments. Some ensure that they have adequate health and monetary coverage while others just love to take risks. A student travel insurance policy is to ensure that you have sufficient coverage against unfortunate events.

There are people worldwide, who have worked on their dreams and made them come true. However, there are some who paid for their dreams and gained experience from the challenges they came across.

One such woman shared her experience that how her love for travel persuaded her to pay off her education loan before the stipulated tenure.

I was waiting to board a plane for the United States. I was panicking since I had more than 30,000 in my Student Loan debt. Being one of 71% of college graduates, I had nothing but my Liberal Arts degree to start my career in teaching English.

I had a plan of paying my debt off with my normal office job salary, after I finished my graduation. I wanted to travel through jungles, study different cultures, eating several cuisines after finishing my college. This changed my lifestyle to paying off debts while paying off my debts.

I had been researching opportunities to work abroad throughout my final year. Since I was looking for a job that required me to travel frequently while paying me enough to pay off my debts, moving to the United States for teaching English was the right answer. My job included paid vacations, health coverage, good income, and least expenses. The following had been my deposits each month of my teaching tenure:

  • Student Loan EMI - $500
  • Spending In and Out the United States - $1000
  • Return to America - $250
  • Roaming around South Asia - $250

My salary, on the top of the affordability to pop around Asian countries, allowed me to fill up the pages of my passport while helping me pay off my debts. I have been lucky so far.