Portsmouth-based cargo operator MMD Shipping Services has secured a 10-year agreement with international manufacturer MHI Vestas Offshore Wind. The new deal, with Danish-based manufacturer MHI Vestas, involves handling wind turbine blades, which measure 80m long and weigh 35 tonnes. From spring this will be a regular service for MMD Shipping Services with 48 smaller vessel movements, and a further 12 services throughout the year.

Major deal with offshore wind company marks change of direction for Portsmouth-based MMD Shipping Services

Mike Sellers MMD director said: “This long-term agreement is a game-changer for MMD Shipping Services. MHI Vestas is a high-profile client and being part of their manufacturing process demonstrates the expertise, capacity and equipment on-site to look after large scale cargo. "It marks a change in direction for the type of cargo we typically handle and signifies an ability to diversify our current offer.

"With significant development plans underway to accommodate more containers and also providing flexible arrangements for storing cargo, MMD Shipping Services is making a strategic move to broaden our business.

"This is really positive news for the company and I'm looking forward to further announcements thanks to the hard work of everyone involved."

James Luter, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind’s director, production said:” MHI Vestas is delighted to be working with MMD in the storage and loading of our blades from their facility.  We look forward to utilising MMD expertise to support the growing offshore wind market in the UK and Europe.” 

MMD Shipping Services has undergone a significant restructure, involving a review of senior management and other positions. This has resulted in a change of roles to better serve the demands of the shipping industry, which are becoming less reliant on manual, labour intensive skills. A new business development manager has been appointed to identify commercial opportunities and look at ways the company can adapt to meet the trends in a fast-paced and evolving industry. 

Source: Portsmouth Port