The construction project of the cable lay vessel 'Nexans Aurora' has recently reached a new milestone, as the installation of the MAATS Tech equipment package including the carousel, loading arms, access tower and control cabin have now been completed.

ULSTEIN completed equipment installations on Nexans Aurora

All the abovementioned equipment are MAATS Tech Ltd deliveries, and employees from Maats have been working at the yard for several weeks for the installations and testing of the cable lay equipment.

The next milestone will be the heeling test. The ‘Nexans Aurora’ is due for delivery to Nexans this year, and her first assignments will be in the offshore wind segment.

Caption: The large-dimensioned carousel on the CLV vessel Nexans Aurora.
Caption: Outer part of the carousel.
Caption: Close-up of the loading arms.
Caption: The first loading arm being positioned in March 2021.
Caption: Lifting operation of the first loading arm for the Nexans Aurora
Caption: Hoisting the loading arm into place
Caption: Big-sized equipment.