Fire erupted on board the unfortunate Maersk Karachi on May 22 at around midday at the NTB Terminal in Bremerhaven. It is believed the the fire was caused by salvage works, involving torches, that were being carried out aboard.

Maersk Karachi on fire 1

Maersk Karachi on fire

Maersk Karachi on fire 3

Photos: Heiner Otto

The efforts of some 28 fire fighting teams and emergency personnel, nearly 70 men, were hampered by the mass of debris. There were no reports of injuries, only the local residents were advised to keep their windows shut due to unpleasant odour.

On May 13, the boom of a container crane broke and crashed onto Maersk Karachi while the vessel was being loaded. The incident caused the dead of the crane operator whose cabin crashed down from a 40-metre height. Since then, the vessel has been docked at Bremerhaven. Currently, the vessel is surrounded by three tug monitoring the situation. 

Current position Maersk Karachi

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