Hafen Fos-sur-Mer

Fos-sur-Mer - France - Port details and photos

Fos-sur-Mer map position

Fos-sur-Mer details

43.4167 N /  4.88333 E
Land: Flag of France  France
Größe: Sehr klein
Type: Coastal Breakwater
Shelter: Fair
Vessel size: < 150 m
Tugs / assistance: Yes
Tugs / salvage: Yes
Dry dock: Medium
Ship repairs: Limited

Ships in Hafen Fos-sur-Mer (20)

MARSEILLAIS 6 (IMO 9032111) Photo
Flag of France MARSEILLAIS 6
Built: 1992
VB PROVENCE (IMO 9032123) Photo
Flag of France VB PROVENCE
Built: 1993
VB RHONE (IMO 9393711) Photo
Flag of France VB RHONE
NT: 102 t
Built: 2008
VB ESTEREL (IMO 9393761) Photo
Flag of France VB ESTEREL
NT: 102 t
Built: 2009
RAVA (IMO 9796743) Photo
Flag of Croatia RAVA
DELTA HARMONY (IMO 9408463) Photo
Flag of Greece DELTA HARMONY
Crude Oil Tanker
Built: 2009
SDS GREEN (IMO 9504621) Photo
Flag of Italy SDS GREEN
General Cargo Ship
NT: 2877 t
Built: 2010
YM MERCURY (IMO 9452775) Photo
Flag of Malta YM MERCURY
Chemical/Oil Products Tanker
NT: 1992 t
Built: 2010
MABROUK (IMO 9232864) Photo
Flag of Malta MABROUK
Crude Oil Tanker
NT: 52045 t
Built: 2003
SIMON STEVIN (IMO 9464807) Photo
Flag of Luxembourg SIMON STEVIN
Pipe Burying Vessel
NT: 10510 t
Built: 2010
PRIDE (IMO 9480277) Photo
Flag of Malta PRIDE
Bulk Carrier
NT: 6184 t
Built: 2008
Flag of Switzerland TIMANFAYA
Sailing vessel
GERMAN  BAY (IMO 9125097) Photo
Flag of Antigua & Barbuda GERMAN BAY
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1741 t
Built: 1997
ALLEGRETTO (IMO 9353395) Photo
Flag of Antigua & Barbuda ALLEGRETTO
General Cargo Ship
NT: 1765 t
Built: 2006
EVER GRACE (IMO 9750309) Photo
Flag of Bahamas EVER GRACE
Bulk Carrier
NT: 27558 t
Built: 2015
SEASPAN LAHORE (IMO 9301811) Photo
Flag of Hong Kong SEASPAN LAHORE
Container Ship
NT: 24458 t
Built: 2006
NOVO MESTO (IMO 9330422) Photo
Flag of Marshall Islands NOVO MESTO
Bulk Carrier
NT: 18267 t
Built: 2005
STI YORKVILLE (IMO 9688350) Photo
Flag of Marshall Islands STI YORKVILLE
Chemical/Oil Products Tanker
NT: 13224 t
Built: 2014
Flag of Marshall Islands -RICKMERS SHANGHAI
General Cargo Ship
NT: 9752 t
Built: 2003