OAO Yamal LNG has shipped the second million tons of LNG produced at its first LNG train.

Yamal LNG ships second million tons of LNG
Caption: LNG tanker Christophe de Margerie - Photo courtesy of Dimitriy Monakov

The LNG produced at Yamal LNG commenced shipments from December 2017 utilizing Arc7 ice class carriers each holding 170 thousand cubic meters, or approximately 74 thousand tons of LNG. Yamal LNG reached the second millionth ton shipped on the 27th cargo loaded and dispatched at the Sabetta seaport from the first LNG train.

LNG deliveries under long-term contracts started in April 2018, with four (4) LNG cargos already shipped under such commitments.

In April, the first firing of compressor gas turbines was performed at the second LNG train comprising 5.5 million tons per annum, which represents one of the key milestones in the preparation of the train’s upcoming launch.

Source: Yamal LNG