Carnival Triumph UPDATE: Carnival's CEO Statement: FULL REFUND...

By Ατυχήματα

The CEO and president of Carnival Cruises, Gerry Cahill, stated:
'All passengers on the current Carnival Triumph sailing are going to receive a full refund for the cruise, including the transportation expenses.
'What's more, they are all going to receive a future cruise credit equal to the amount they have paid for this sailing, as well as reimbursement of all shipboard purchases during the voyage, excluding the exception of gift shop and casino charges.
He also added:
'We are terribly sorry for this situation, discomfort, and frustration our customers are feeling.
'We all know they expected a fantastic voyage, and clearly that's not what they received. Our shipboard and shoreside teams are working around the clock to care for our customers and get them home safely.

Even though none of the 3,150 guests onboard and 1,100 crew members were injured, the Carnival Triumph cruise liner was adrift off southern Yucatan peninsula for an entire day before the tug vessel arrived.
As already all of the 4,200 people on board reported stateroom carpets are full soaked in urine, guests are sleeping in tents on deck and scarce food supplies has reduced them to eating cold onion sandwiches without any meat.
The 1st tug vessel reached the Carnival Triumph on Monday night and it is being towed to Mobile, Alabama at the rate of a few miles per hour. It is being expected to crawl into its destination on Thursday.
According to cruisers onboard there are only 5 bathrooms that work for all the 3150 guests of the cruise.
The rest of the passengers are being asked by the crew members aboard the cruise liner to urinate in stateroom showers and defecate in the red bags.
Ann Barlow, a cruiser aboard told: 'It is really disgusting. It is the worst thing I have ever seen.'
She added that the personnel of the cruise has been helpful, but that's doing little for the rotten conditions, including the sweltering heat and long lines for food and bathrooms.
Debra Rightmire, another guest messaged: 'Conditions are getting worse and worse by the hour. Stateroom carpets are wet with urine and water.
'Toilets are overflowing in the rooms, we should sleep in the hallways.'
A passenger David Raynes, cruising on the Carnival Triumph's sister cruise ship, Carnival Legend wrote on Facebook:
'Our cruise liner shuttled supplies to them that wasn't an easy task due to the wind and high waves – it was hard for the vessel they were using to get up close to the other cruise vessel and then return to ours. They made at least 2 sailings.
'Another cruise liner, Carnival Conquest, came along to bring more food to them. We could even hear announcements from the Triumph, and their passengers cheered when they heard the news that a tug vessel was just 17 miles away. It arrived before we left. We were there about 5 hours.
It was reported that 500 guest are McDonald's workers from the Houston region, mostly local franchise owners and executives of the restaurant chain.
The cruise vessel is listing to 4,5 degrees and even though not dangerous, the angle of the vessel is 'not normal and would definitely be felt by people walking around', said an expert.
A 25-miles per hour south-southeasterly wind has made it too difficult to tow the cruise vessel to its original destination of Progreso, Mexico, so the ship has changed course and is heading north to Alabama.