Firefighters have been tackling a fire in the accommodation block of a cargo ship six miles off the Norfolk coast (UK) on Wednesday (Jan 13).

Cargo ship Elbetor heading to port after fire off Norfolk coast, UK

Image:Hannes van Rijn

Two coastguard helicopters, a lifeboat from Cromer and two other vessels went to the aid of the crew of the general cargo ship Elbetor, which was heading for port of Rotterdam with a load of wheat.

There are no reports that anyone has been injured and so far the vessel has not been evacuated.

A six-person fire team from Humberside was airlifted to the ship and are helping the crew tackle fire hotspots. There were seven crew members on board the Elbetor.

The accommodation area was heavily smoke damaged.

It's thought the vessel will head to the port of Great Yarmouth under its own power.