Italy blocks Indian trial of the 2 mariners that killed 2 fishermen

By Accidentes

And the 2 Italian seafarers, who were charged with murder of 2 Indian fishermen won't be returning back to India to face their trial, reported the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Rome says that Delhi is violating the international law by putting the two Italian seamen on trial in India.
The Supreme Court of India earlier allowed both mariners Massimilian Latorre and Salvatore Girone to go back home for Christmas and to vote in elections.
The arrest of the seamen has led to a diplomatic row among the officials of India and Italy.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy formally notified India about its decision on Monday.
It says Delhi hasn't responded to requests of Italy to seek a diplomatic solution to the case, and there's now a formal dispute among the 2 countries over the terms of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea.
Indian government still hasn't made any public comments on the latest development, but this is surely going to be seen in India as a grave breach of trust.
The 2 Italian seamen are accused of deadly shooting 2 Indian fishermen last February after allegedly mistaking them for pirates.
At the time of the accident the Italian seamen were guarding an Italian oil tanker ship off India's south-western coast.
Italians claim that the Indian fishing vessel had behaved aggressively and ignored warning shots from their vessel, the oil tanker MV Enrica Lexie.
According to the Indian officials the dead fishermen, Selestian Valentine and Ajesh Pinky, were not armed.
The Indian seamen have been out on bail and awaiting their trial. The Indian Supreme Court reported in January they would be tried in a special court in Delhi.