Why the vessel I am searching for is not visible on the map?

The vessel is likely out of range. AIS technology range is about 30-50 nautical miles offshore.

Are vessel positions on the map accurate?

Yes, they are. Sometimes problems exist with the AIS receiver, the antenna or the server.

What is the update rate of vessel positions?

The update rate of all vessel positions is 60 seconds.

How is this information displayed on this site?

The central database receives and processes a large amount of data and stores most important part of it. It also includes port and area geographic information, vessel photos and other information. Vessels' current positions and/or tracks are displayed on a map, using the Google’s map API. Position history, vessels' details, port conditions and statistics are searchable through our web pages.

How to upload a ship photo?

  • Find the vessel through the “Search box” above the map.
  • Select the “More info” button
  • Select the “Upload photo” button and upload your file

How to contribute?

Most of our data is based on www.AisHub.net. If your area is not covered, you could share your AIS data with AisHub so we can display it on VesselFinder. Another good way to help is to upload photos. Other people visiting the website will enjoy the beauty of the vessels.

How to embed the map in my website?

Go to embed map. and copy the code in your HTML page body.

What is IMO number, AIS, MMSI?

IMO number - 7 digits unique number. A unique identificator for a vessel.
AIS - It's abreaviation of Automatic Identification System.
MMSI - Maritime Mobile Service Identity


  • Permalink for the vessel's position using parameter MMSI
  • Permalink for the map coordinates and zoom.

App for mobile devices?

Yes, there is. You can find VesselFinder Mobile App for iPad and iPhone available on www.vesselfinder.com/mobileapps and the App Store.