Tanker runs aground in Amazon River

By imbarcazioni

The 183-metre tanker Seychelles Patriot has run aground in Brazil. The incident occurred on October 8 while the vessel was en route from Rio De Janeiro to Manaus laden with gasoil cargo.

Since then, several attempts to refloat the vessel has been made without any success.

Seychelles Petroleum Company (Seypec) explained:

“Seychelles Patriot ran aground on shifting sand and mud banks in the middle of the Amazon River, well within her planned navigational routing and in the presence of two Brazilian pilots on board, as required by the Brazilian Maritime Authority.”

The company added that the vessel did not sustain serious damage. There were no reports of injuries and pollution.

Initially, the vessel tried to refloat itself using her own steam, but the attempt failed. On Monday, a second refloating was stopped as the two tugs, dispatched to assist, were found too small and "developed mechanical failures which caused reduced bollard pull," according to Saypec.

A third attempt is planned for today with the arrival of another tugboat to the scene.

Image: SeychellesNewsAgency