IHC America, part of Royal IHC, has been awarded a contract for the design, construction and delivery of a spud system with Weeks Marine Inc.

The innovative spud system will be installed on the J.S. CHATRY, a newly-built cutter suction dredger (CSD) that will be operating in coastal areas and large sea harbors.

IHC America wins a new contract with Weeks Marine

The 1,600mm spud carrier and auxiliary spud system will be tiltable, allowing the vessel to safely pass underneath bridges.

"Royal IHC is proud to be involved in this project, which promises to introduce a versatile and robust CSD into the US market. It is an investment that will contribute to the capacity of the nation’s dredging industry." - Royal IHC

For a different newbuilding project of Weeks Marine IHC America delivered the design, a hardware package and construction support for its new trailing suction hopper dredge MAGDALEN. This will be the third largest dredger for the company. It will also be its fastest, and most fuel-efficient, powerful pumping and highly-automated hopper dredger. The MAGDALEN will be operating on its first project by beginning of 2018.

Source: Royal IHC