For the first time after EU sanctions China Oil Tanker is at Iran Port

By Finance

Supertanker from China with the ability to transport 2 million barrels of crude was at Iran's biggest export terminal. This is the first visit of its kind since the sanctions for Iran from European Union 9 months ago.
Yuan Yang Hu - owned by China Ocean Shipping (Group) Co. (the biggest shipping company in China owned by the state) was at Kharg island and later left the Persian Gulf.
Since July 2012 it is forbidden by the European Union to its member states buying, financing and insuring Iranian oil shipments. EU joined U.S. in pressuring Iran to stop its nuclear program.
"China maintains normal and transparent energy cooperation with Iran in accordance with its own energy requirements," Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei explained at a press conference in Beijing, when asked whether his government insures tankers going to Iran. "We obviously oppose some country imposing sanctions against another country according to their own domestic laws."