New Comnav Camera for Dark & Storm

By Curious

ComNav Marine presented the new gyro stabilized thermal night vision & low light camera system, the V2. New technology that will change the feature. The new camera will help owners of ships and their captains images even in complete darkness, fog, snow, rain & low light weather conditions.
ComNav Digital Pattern Enhancement (DPE) gives clear view with high resolution images. Does not matter the angle or the current conditions. The camera will show you thermal conditions hot, cold, fusion, rainbow. This new ship technology is helpful for rescuing people in bad weather conditions, night docking, and close proximity maneuvering. This new camera installed on a ship helps you to save time and to save lives.
The camera is designed to work in extreme conditions even above the military standards. This new technology is compact and easily can be installed on the ship, easily interacts with computers and even can be controlled remotely over the internet.

The camera gives you features such as picture capture and video recording utilizing a removable storage card. The V2 Thermal provides an easy touch 2x electronic zoom using a proportional control joystick on the keypad. The 360 degree continuous pan and +/-90o tilt provides seamless view coverage.