DeepOcean’s Edda Freya mobilized last week at DeepOcean’s facility at Killingøy for a SURF campaign for Statoil.

Spotted: DeepOcean’s Edda Freya mobilized for Statoil SURF campaign
Caption: Offshore Tug/Supply Ship Edda Freya - Image courtesy of DeepOcean

The work includes:

  • recovery of an old 10” production riser and installation of a new 10” production riser without shut-in of production;
  • recovery of two gas lift umbilical risers and
  • installation of more than 900 wear protection elements at platform bell-mouth and mid water arch.

These wear protection elements have been designed by DeepOcean.

The Edda Freya 304OCV is an offshore construction vessel with a length of 149.8m and beam of 27m. The vessel joined DeepOcean fleet in early 2016. The OCV is equipped with 2 off 220HP Constructor WROV’s moon pool handling, L&R 7m Hs and it has an accommodation space for 140 people.

Source: Deep Ocean