USS Nicholas helps sinking Turkish ship

By Accidents

The sinking Turkish ship(Liberian flag) The Atlantic Confidence needs help and Norfolk based USS Nicholas is heading to its location.
2 days ago the island of Masirah (Oman) the cargo bulk carrier reported for having problems with fire in the engine room and requested aid. The Commander of the NATO Task Force responsible for anti-piracy operations off the Horn of Africa sent the nearest frigate USS Nicholas for assistance.
After sending a signal for help the Captain of "Atlantic Confidence" told his crew 21 seamen from Turkey to leave the ship, the fire was out of control.
A helicopter was sent to help the vessel but it was too late for saving the ship which was almost sunk and floating. All crew members are safe. The NATO ship sent lifeboats for medical assistance. USS Nicholas had to coordinate the embarcation operations on board an oil tanker called 'Pluto' transiting in the area and also manned entirely by a Turkish crew.