6 Crew Members in difficult situation caused of Abandoned Turkish Vessel

By Curious

Without vessel's master and agentless, only 6 crew members avoid abandonment. Port authorities of Azores arrested the vessel. The Turkish bulk carrier M/V Hacinin Ahmet is moored already 4 months in the port of Ponta Delgada, obviously abandoned by the vessel's owner and left at the mercy of solidarity 6 of the fifteen original crew members that hope the court will decide on the orders of arrest hanging over the ship by accumulated debts.
It was an order of seizure of a foreign company , which was lifted in late January, for withdrawal of the company at first, but now the Turkish vessel Hacinin Ahmet is held in Ponta Delgada by another order of arrest, is now requested by the Ports of Azores, divers services provided by the vessel since he landed to disembark an order on 2nd of December, 2012 and never 'got irons'. Because, in addition to the legal issues of the debts by the vessel's owner, there's a malfunction in the machine already brought the vessel when docked in Ponta Delgada and that prevents him from leaving by his own means, they are not going to have the Captaincy order to make these conditions.
It is already underway also the legal deadline of thirty days for that the Turkish ship is considered abandoned - as it's now without an agent and without commander - at that before the court decides on the seizure of the Ports of the Azores, might be given in case the vessel is considered to be lost in favor of the Portuguese State, by abandonment. This is a situation, which could facilitate its subsequent sale to pay creditors, one that is probably going to be the solution to the Hacinin Ahmet since its owner is very difficult to be contacted and already has given clear signs of considering this vessel as lost to creditors.
"The owner of the abandoned Turkish ship came to make some contacts, but never directly to the ports of the Azores and was never easy to contact him, so there's no negotiation and only await the conduct of proceedings in court by this moment," stated Filipe Macedo, administrator of the Azores Ports that would like to see the matter resolved until the summer, or over 6 months after the Turkish vessel moored in Ponta Delgada Tues. Filipe Macedo told, anyway, that the operation in the port of Ponta Delgada has gone smoothly, despite the space occupied by the abandoned Turkish vessel and might be missed in the 'peaks' of activity.