Piraeus Port Authority SA announces the completion of the tender and the finalisation of the contract with COSCO (Shanghai) Shipyard CO., LTD. for the purchase of a new floating repair dock with the following particulars:

Length: 240m. Width: 45m, Draft: 18m, Capacity 205,66t and lifting capacity: 22,000t.

Piraeus Port Authority concludes tender, contract for new floating repair dock

The Dock will be moved and installed in the Ship Repair Zone of Perama after the completion of the necessary infrastructure works in the area. The whole process is expected to be completed by February 2018.

The purchase price of the Dock is twenty-three million eight hundred and thirty-five thousand Euro ((€ 23,835,000.00)

It is also noted that the tender for the appointment of a subcontractor for the project “Improvement of the infrastructure of the Ship Repair Zone (including the floating repair docks) – Phase A” of a sum €6,037,559.29 (excluding VAT) is currently in progress.

CEO of PPA SA captain Fu Chengqiu, on the occasion of the purchase of the large floating repair dock, stated that the investments in the SRZ provided for in the concession contract continue, showing the commitment of PPA and COSCO SHIPPING in the revitalization of the Greek ship repair industry and the creation of new job positions.  

Source: Piraeus Port Authority