[VIDEO] iLL-fated Carnival Triumph with a new accident

By Accidents

The damaged Carnival Cruise Line's cruise ship Carnival Triumph ran into trouble again, but this time in safest place imaginable - in shipyard BAE in Mobile, Alabama.
The cruise liner broke free from her moorings on the 3rd of April, 2013 after 1 pm. local time due to violent wind gusts, drifted across the river and collided with berthed unidentified ship, with tug vessel that was trying to tackle the liner stuck in between.
Carnival Triumph was secured at around 5 pm., being moved to, and moored, along the Mobile Cruise Terminal. One of the BAE employees went missing. Two of the crew members were thrown into the water when the ship broke off moorings, 1 of them was rescued, another 1 went missing. Photos from Twitter by John Sharp and unknown author.