Costa Concordia Update: Largest of 5 Subsea Support Platforms for its Salvage

By Accidents

The operation of salvage removal of the the sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia from the shores of Giglio Island hit a milestone today when crew of professionals positioned the largest of 5 subsea support platforms onto the seabed next to the wreck.
The subsea platform, known as Platform No. 1, is going to be provided to the granite seabed in order to secure support when uprighting the sunken vessel Costa Concordia.
Platform No. 1 was constructed at the Rosetti shipyard in Marina di Ravenna and weighs about 1000 tonnes. It measures 40 meters by 33 meters, is 22 meters tall and is supported by five big pillars almost 2 meters in diameter.
The removal operation of the vessel was carried out using the dynamically positioned heavy lift vessel Svenja that is owned and operated by SAL Heavy Lift.
At about 8:30 am., the Svenja vessel lifted the structure from a barge and situated it into place below the sunken Costa Concordia using its 2 large cranes.
So far, 3 smaller subsea platforms have been installed below the wreck near the vessel’s stern.