Pilot blamed on ship-bridge accident

By Accidents

The California Board of Pilot Commissioners took a decision that the pilot is guilty for the crash into the Bay Bridge at the start of the year of the tanker Overseas Reymar. The errors of the pilot of the vessel caused the crash and his license of pilot is suspended.
Capt. Guy Kleess has a hearing and could lose his license permanently. In the time of the incident the tanker was empty and hit one of the Bay Bridge towers in the fog.
What is the pilot blamed for?
The commission concluded that he made "a chain of errors" and also failed to consult all the electronic equipment and did not communicate in an effective way with the ship's officers.
Kleess is experienced and had sailed under the bridge a lot of times, but when the fog appeared, "he was so comfortable with this route that when conditions changed … he had no contingency plan in place."
The damage is estimated $1.4 million (the wooden fenders at the base of the bridge) and $320,000 to the ship. The "good" thing is that no oil was spilled.