Arms-Carrying Vessel Seized in Egypt

By Curious

The navy forces of Egypt have seized a vessel carrying heavy weapons as it entered the territorial waters of Egypt in the Red Sea late on Wednesday, told a military spokesman on Thursday.
The Togolese-registered vessel, COMR was seized 12 n.m. north of Ras Muhammad in the Sinai Peninsula, posted Ahmed Mohamed Ali, general staff spokesman.
"Inside the seized vessel, Egyptian navy forces found a number of weapons and quantities of ammunition of distinct types," added Ahmed Ali.
"The vessel belongs to a private maritime security company that serves to supply vessels passing through highly dangerous regions, especially in light of the spread of piracy in the southern Red Sea region and off the Somali coast," Ali also told.
The seized vessel, with at least 7 crew members spent a week in international waters before entering Egyptian waters.
The ship was escorted into the port of Safaga, which is 569 kilometers (356 nautical miles) southeast of Cairo, where the crew members were being questioned and an investigation was under way to determine whether the carried weapons were legal, the sources added.
"The seized ammunition and weapons in the ship are connected to the nature of their work and the tasks assigned to them to secure merchant ships," said Ahmed Ali in his post.