USCG in a Rescue Operation of a Capsized Row Boat

By Accidents

USCG has rescued a capsized row vessel with 4 Canadian Wildlife Foundation rowers onboard, 73 days into their attempt of Dakar to Miami floating.
The combined efforts of rescue team of the USCG with the 600-foot Russian-registered chemical tankership Tanasis Leader and the 800-foot Panama-registered flag vehicles carrier Heijin rescued 4 rowers from a life raft in the open Atlantic Ocean, nearly 380 n.m. north of Puerto Rico.
The rescued rowers are US citizens: Jordan Hanssen (29-year-old) and Patrick Flemming (31-year-old), together with Canadian citizens Adam Kreck (31-year-old), and Marcus Pukonen (30-year-old), after a rogue wave reportedly caused their 29-foot row vessel, James Robert Hanssen, to capsize.
The rescued rowers that work for the Canadian Wildlife Foundation, were on the 73rd day of an estimated 100-day voyage, which originated in Dakar, Senegal and would finish in Miami, USA, when their journey ended abruptly and they were forced to embark the row vessel’s emergency life raft.
“The good coordination and swift response among our rescue team of the Coast Guard and international mariners aboard the vehicles carrier Heijin and the Tanais Leader tankership saved 4 lives from the perils of the sea,” told the Sector San Juan Commander, Capt. Drew W. Pearson. ”Those rescued rowers were well-prepared with proper survival and distress signaling equipment as well as having a support team onshore. All rowers must be as well prepared even for short sailings, it might save their lives.”
The US Coast Guard reported that seafarers aboard the Heijin safely recovered all 4 rowers from the life raft shortly before sunset Saturday and are transporting them to Puerto Rico.