NYK Product - Tsunami Alert System for Vessels

By Curious

NYK presented a tsunami alert system designed to warn vessels.
Japan Meteorological Agency warns about tsunamis and messages will be forwarded to vessels through the company's NYK e-missions system. This useful information will help ships with the choice of safest course.
How the system works?
When there is a warning message an alert is sent to NYK vessel operators and the about 800 vessels that make use of NYK e-missions’.
After receiving the warning the vessel will have time to take a decision what to do.
The good thing in this system is that vessels that are near a tsunami are automatically displayed on NYK e-missions and the company can contact quickly the vessel in danger. The system is designed to send warnings for the Japanese coast and warnings released by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center.
The NYK Group will not stop and will continue to develop safer ship-operation systems.