UPDATE on Grounded USS Guardian: Final Hull Section Removed from the Reef

By Accidents

US Navy and contracted salvage staff embarked on the board of the U.S. Navy contracted crane ship M/V Jascon 25 ended on the 30th of March, 2013, the removal of the grounded mine countermeasures vessel Ex-Guardian from the Tubbataha Reef.
The last section of the grounded vessel's hull, the stern section that weighed almost 250 tons, was safely lifted from Tubbataha reef.
"As the hull has been removed, the salvage team is now focusing their effort to gathering minor debris, which remains on the reef. We also have a collaborative team from the United States and the Philippines starting to assess the condition of the Tubbataha reef," told the salvage supervisor Capt. Mark Matthews.
Since the USS Guardian's grounding, the Navy has been working meticulously to salvage any reusable equipment and remove any potentially harmful materials that include petroleum-based products, human wastewater, and other wreckage debris.
No fuel has leaked since the vessel's grounding and all of the nearly 15,000 gallons aboard USS Guardian were safely moved off the vessel in the early days of the salvage operation.