U.S. Navy to Use Laser Weapon in 2014

By Curious

The U.S. Navy took a decision to use new laser technology on ships that will help to destroy enemy drones or disabling vessels.
Navy leaders announced: "Our directed energy initiatives, and specifically the solid-state laser, are among our highest priority science and technology programs. The solid-state laser program is central to our commitment to quickly deliver advanced capabilities to forward-deployed forces,” Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Matthew Klunder said. “This capability provides a tremendously affordable answer to the costly problem of defending against asymmetric threats, and that kind of innovative approach is crucial in a fiscally constrained environment."
Tests show that a shot of directed energy costs under $1. Compared to a missile (hundreds of thousands of dollars)it is almost free.
Naval Research Office (ONR) Naval Sea Systems Command demonstrated high-energy lasers aboard of a moving ship and made a test shooting on aerial targets. The laser proved its power, quality and range.
This new weapon is a step forward to the future. It can be compared to the era of gunpowder when people were using knives and swords.