ITF Women Inspectors Taking Leadership Courses

By Curious

ITF women inspectors have recently finished a 1-week long training course on women in leadership and strategic change.
There are 12 of the women ITF's 136 inspectors who are women, from countries that include Germany, Spain, Sweden, Kenya, Korea, Ukraine and the United States.
The programme in Vigo, Spain concentrated on leadership and strategic organisational skills, helping the participants identify both ways to work better together and options for developing a greater presence of women in the sector. It was led by Dr Elaine Bernard from the University of Harvard and Alison McGarry, coordinator of the ITF's women transport employers’ department.
Luz Baz, who is the 1st woman to be an ITF inspector in Spain, told: "The shipping industry is still a male dominated field and the work of the ITF inspectors often involves representing employers in complex situations.
"Women work in an international network where you have to put the best of each one so that issues are solved. This is a very important course and I was pleased to welcome everyone to Spain."
The ITF maritime training and development supervisor, Lesley Hossner commented: “The programme was a chance for the women inspectors to benefit from the union leadership and organising training and also to focus on how they may use these new skills to improve their role as ITF inspectors and within their unions."