ABP’s Port of King’s Lynn has welcomed two cargo deliveries to support the construction of the Palm Paper Power Station in Kings Lynn, which is one of the nationally significant infrastructure projects approved by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2016.

Offering a sustainable alternative to transporting cargo via public highways, the port welcomed the general cargo vessel Figaro on Friday, 6 October, which transported a 103-tonne gas turbine to be used in Palm Paper’s site in King’s Lynn.

Port of King’s Lynn helps support National Infrastructure Project
Caption: Photo of general cargo ship Figaro arriving at the Port of King’s Lynn on Monday, 9 October; Image courtesy of John C Barrett Photographic

Due to the close proximity of the port to Palm Paper’s site, it enables a natural flow of goods from incoming vessels to their ultimate destination, minimising the distance travelled and transport costs. The Port of King’s Lynn also plays a key role in supporting the Government’s long-term strategy for investment and infrastructure in the Midlands by facilitating trade in Norfolk, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

On Monday 9 October, the port also welcomed another significant general cargo delivery for Palm Paper’s newspaper printing site, the Dutch vessel Frisian River, which was carrying an electricity generator.

Andrew Harston, Short Sea Ports Director, said: “Being the preferred Norfolk port for our customers not only in the forest products, but also the agribulk, manufacturing and recyclables sectors is important to us. That is why ABP continues to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure at the Port of King’s Lynn, with projects such as the building of the new Hanse bulk store terminal, which was opened in September.

“We hope that the constant improvement in port facilities combined with a high level of customer service will help us to continue attracting new business so that we can contribute to Norfolk’s future prosperity.”

Source: ABPorts