Norwegian Government will build world's first tunnel for ships

By Curious

The Norwegian government revealed plans for creating the first in the world tunnel designed for large vessels. The plan is for 10 years and the project is estimated 134 million euros, $175 million. The tunnel will be named the Stad maritime tunnel.
The passageway will be long 1 mile (1.7km) will be carved into a piece of the peninsula's mountainside, connecting 2 fjords, hallmarks of the Norwegian coastline. The project is planned to start in 2018 and to be finished for 4 years.
There are tunnels in France but they are designed for barges, but the Norwegian tunnel will be built for large cargo and passenger vessels up to 16,000 tonnes.
"It will be the first tunnel in the world that can be used by big boats like cargo ships or the Coastal Express," the famed tourist ship that cruises along the Norwegian coast, explained Ottar Nygaard, mayor of the small town of Selje and the head of the project.