World Sea Piracy fell 35% in the first 4 months of 2013

By Piracy

For the first 4 months pirate attacks fell down compared with the first 4 months from 2012. West Africa is patrolled by navies and that prevent pirates to harm the seagoing vessels.
The International Maritime Bureau announced that 66 attacks were registered around the world for the first 3 months of 2013. The same period compared with 2012 the attacks were 102. 4 vessels were hijacked and 75 people were taken hostages and 1 killed.
This year statistics we have 5 reported attacks off Somalia and the Gulf of Aden plus 1 hijacking, compared with the last year same period 36 reported cases. Vessels sailing through danger areas are now more safe with the patrolling warships. If we go back in time in 2010 there were 49 hijacked ships off Somalia and 1,000 people were taken hostages.
Now piracy escalated in the Gulf of Guinea from armed robberies to hijackings and kidnappings.