Shell Working on U.S. LNG Fueling Network

By Finance

Shell together with TravelCenters of America LLC (TA) will work to build a network of (LNG) fueling zones for road users. But Shell is not stopping with this project and is working also on marine bunkering infrastructure. This company is known for its work on global market.
In 2012 the oil and gas company informed for a collaboration with TA and the 2 companies agreed to make LNG fuels available for the road customers in USA.
Shell is planning to invest in 2 small-scale LNG production units LNG production units that create the basis of 2 new LNG transport routes in the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast regions that will make available LNG to marine and heavy duty road customers. The oil and gas company believes in LNG business. The company acquired Gasnor (Norwegian LNG fuel company) and introduced the world's first LNG powered barge on the Rhine.