Italian marines accused of killing Indian fishermen could face death penalty

By Accidents

Italy do not agree with the fact that India's anti-terrorism agency has to find evidence for the Italian marines that face accusations of killing 2 fishermen. Death penalty is possible.
Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone are accused for shooting and killing the fishermen off the coast of the southern state of Kerala a year ago. The 2 Italians were security guards on a cargo vessel.
The 2 security guards decided to warn with fire a fishing boat. Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone were convinced that the boat is a pirate vessel with armed pirates on board. Italy claims that the tragic incident occurred in international waters and the 2 Italians should be sent home.
In the last months India decided to hang 2 men convicted of militant attacks, in Italy the death penalty is abolished in 1947.
The tension between India and Italy is rising because a month ago Italy decided not to send back the 2 security guards back to India for the trial and India responded with stopping the Italian envoy to leave the country.
Italian marines now are back to India for trial and New Delhi gave assurance that the ex-security guards would not be sent to the gallows
taly's foreign minister resigned after the marines returned to India, explaining he did not agree with the decision to send them back.