Vessel Recycling Fund Proposal Rejected by the European Parliament

By Curious

The EU Parliament backed plans on Thursday that could help make the scrapping of old vessels safer, but voted against a proposal of Environment Committee for a recycling fund financed by a levy.
The draft regulation is aiming to reduce the harmful effects of careless scrapping, such as incidents, injuries and damages to the environment, by steering EU-vessels towards EU-approved scrapping equipments around the world where the vessels are going to be recycled responsibly.
The report of the Environment Committee, drafted by Carl Schlyter (Greens/EFA, SE), suggested that the project be funded by a recycling levy to be imposed on any vessel using an EU port, in line with the “polluter pays” principle that could encourage the recycling of old vessels at the proper facilities.
The recycling fund levy proposal was opposed by a narrow 299 votes to 292 of the MEPs, with 21 abstentions. Instead, members adopted an amendment calling on the European Commission to table a legislative proposal before the end of 2015 “for an incentive-based system, which might facilitate safe and sound vessel recycling.”