Next Carnival's Problem: Carnival Ecstasy Lost Power Off The Coast Of Florida

By Accidents

Problems for Carnival Copr. do not end. The report that their 2,056-guest Carnival Ecstasy cruise liner that was sailing off the coast of Florida, lost power shows Carnival Cruise Company that they still have many issues to deal with.
"The power interruption...occurred late Wednesday and only lasted for about twelve minutes, told the spokesman of Carnival, Vance Gulliksen.
Vance Gulliksen also said that "the power loss was caused by a mechanical problem, which was quickly fixed. There wasn't engine fire on the cruise ship, as was reported early Thursday by a Florida news outlet."
The power outage on the Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship comes nearly 2 months after an engine room fire that knocked out power on the Carnival Triumph, during its voyage in the Gulf of Mexico, and left the 2,758-guest cruise liner dead in the water.
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This accident with Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship comes just 1 day after Carnival Corporation announced its plans for a massive, US$300 million upgrade to emergency power systems, fire systems and engine-related electrical components on its 24 cruise vessels to prevent a repeat of what happened on the Carnival Triumph.
"The actions by Carnival Corp. are going to expand the availability of hotel services for the comfort of its passengers in the rare instance of a shipboard event, which involves the loss of main power," told in a statement the CEO and Carnival President, Gerry Cahill, accompanying the announcement: "Additionally, the plan is going to reinforce key shipboard operating systems to further prevent a potential loss of primary power."