Flaming Chinese trawler vessel sank in the Bransfield Strait

By Accidents

Chilean Navy Maritime Search and Rescue department was warned to the sinking of the burning in flames Chinese ship Kai Xin in the Bransfield Strait in the Antarctic Peninsula.
Another Chinese trawler vessel Fu Rong Hai connected the responsible shipping company via email, confirming the loss of radar contact of Kai Xin ship.
The Chilean Navy ordered the Fu Rong Hai trawler to stay on scene until the tug vessel Lautaro of the 3rd Naval Zone arrived at the Bransfield Strait, about 70 nautical miles east of the Naval Base Arturo Prat and regarded as the last location of fishing.
The tug vessel Lautaro, equipped with the material had to combat pollution is making a wreck gleanings, in order to confirm the accident and establish containment procedures hydrocarbons if some fuel trace display.
Better conditions of the weather were needed for a sailing over the area again.