Grounded Container Ship M/V Danio was Refloated by Titan Salvage

By Accidents

Company of Titan Salvage re-floated the 262-foot container vessel M/V Danio from its stricken location on England’s Northumberland coast although Danio has been challenged by sea and weather rough conditions.
The stricken container vessel M/V Danio that was carrying a load of timber and on way to Belgium from Scotland, ran aground at Farne Islands, an environmentally sensitive region, in early March. The onset of bad weather conditions prevented an instant attempt to tow the container ship Danio from the English coastline.
Because the Farne Islands, which is home to thousands of puffins and grey seals, as well as over twenty bird species – is classified as a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI), Titan took extra precautions to safe the environment. The merchant director of the company, Jason Bennett and his team of redeemers took prompt action to make safety of the container ship, instantly deploy a tug vessel and prepare for a controlled and safe re-floating operation.
Danio was ballasted down to the rocky sea bottom while the team of Titan Salvage repaired damage to the ship’s skeg and other areas that required cement boxing, shoring and patching before the container ship could be refloated and towed away. Portable pumps were also mounted and used during re-float and transit to safety.
No spills or any damages to the environmentally sensitive area were reported as a result of the accident or salvage work.