Reference is made to the stock exchange notice on 15 December 2016, in which Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd. (Höegh LNG) announced that it had signed an FSRU contract with Global Energy Infrastructure Limited (GEI) for GEI's LNG import project in Pakistan.

Höegh LNG announces termination of FSRU charter agreement with Global Energy Infrastructure
Caption: Vessel Under Construction at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. 

As explained in its third quarter 2017 financial report issued 16 November 2017, Höegh LNG has considered its options under the contract with GEI, and has today informed GEI that it has concluded to terminate the FSRU charter agreement signed 15 December 2016.

However, Höegh LNG is involved in several ongoing processes for alternative employment for FSRU #9, which was originally intended for the GEI project, and the company remains optimistic that firm FSRU employment will be in place before delivery end 2018.

Source: Höegh LNG