Fully Laden Stranded Cargo ship Floats Free after being Stuck

By Accidents

A stranded on the River Trent vessel has floated free after the tide came in. The Celtic Endeavour, is a UK-flagged general cargo ship owned by Willie Group, became stuck 9 days ago near Groveport.
The Celtic Endeavour has floated free after becoming stuck 9 days ago in the River Trent
A rescue operation of the stranded cargo ship had been scheduled this evening, involving the Willie Group, Association of British Ports (ABPorts), Groveport and tug vessel companies.
The plan was to pull the cargo ship free when the tide came in, while making sure it didn't float away if the rudder had become damaged.
But the early tide meant that the vessel came free naturally, with the vessel's pilot onboard to guide it to a safe spot.
The financial director for Groveport, Andrew Brown stated: “The stranded Celtic Endeavour came afloat of its own accord.
“The cargo vessel is fully laden with 3,000 tonnes of cargo, so we feared it may have sunk and taken hold of the riverbed. We had seevarl tug vessels, which were ready if that was the case. Being fully laden Celtic Endeavour, there could also have been damage to operating gear with it being stuck."