Trawler Ship got Stuck and Finally capsized in Santona

By Accidents

In the night of 20th of Apr, 2013, the gillnetter "Inmaculada Segunda", 94-gt, which is based in Cedeira Coruña - while departing the port of Santoña being bound to French waters in order to catch Patagonian, had to make a sharp turn in order to evade surf paddlers and stranded on a sandbar.
All crew members hoped to get it refloated with high tide, but it failed. Instead of refloating, the trawler ship heeled to starboard and finally capsized near the port entrance.
All the 9 crew members could safely escape and were transported to the Hostel Santoña. On 22nd of April, the diesel fuel was drained after divers had plugged the vents. The Nuevo Salvador Padre and Monte Cueto vessels came alongside and took of nets and fishing gear.
After 2 days the trawler vessel was made as light and water tight as possible, on 24th of April, the work of righting it started. The Spanish tug boat Vehintitres was busy trying to salvage the half submerged vessel that had been surrounded by an oil boom in the meantime, and pushed it against a nearby quay. At 3:30 pm. lifting sacks that had been attached by divers of Índico Buceo Industrial were able to get the vessel on even keel before finally dewatering it.