USS John Paul Jones rescues Crew

By Accidents

The destroyer USS John Paul Jones has rescued twenty-four Filipino sailors who had been stranded after an explosion disabled their tanker in the Persian Gulf. The crew of the vessel Stolt Valor, which was carrying 13,000 metric tons of a volatile, sent a distress call about 2 am local time. The tanker was 75 km southeast of Iranian island called Farsi. When John Paul Jones sowed up, the ships’s master informed the Navy that one crew member had died in the fire.

Food, water and blankets were sent to the sailors, who did not require medical help when saved from two lifeboats; later they were transported to Coast Guard patrol boat Baranof to be taken to Manama, Bahrain. “Coming to the aid of fellow mariners in trouble and conducting search and rescues at sea are critical skills that the Navy trains us to get right,” said Cmdr. Jon Duffy, John Paul Jones’ commanding officer. “I couldn’t be more proud of how our crews did his job, from the initial distress call to when every mariner was in safe place.”