Carnival's Nightmares Continue: Explosion in Alabama caused Triumph Evacuation

By Accidents

Carnival is just having a terrible year. On Thursday, 25th of April, 2013, Carnival Triumph had to be evacuated due to explosion of 2 fuel barges late on Wednesday night in Mobile, Alabama.
Officials have reported that 3 people were in serious condition in the fuel barge blasts, which resulted in the Carnival cruise vessel being evacuated. Unfortunately, it was again the Carnival Triumph that has been the case of much bad news this year.
The Carnival Triumph cruise liner is the same vessel, which broke down back in February of 2013, in the Gulf of Mexico. Guests and crew members were stranded for a few days without power or running water, but eventually were towed into port of Mobile, Alabama.
An investigation is now ongoing as to what caused the explosion of the barges and resulting fire, but there are some clues. It is likely that a cleaning crew member aboard one of the burning barges caused a spark that ignited on the fuel vessel and led to the issue.
“It literally sounded just like bombs going off around. The sky just lit up in orange and red,” told Alan Waugh, a man that lives across the river from where the barges went up in flames, “What's more, we could also smell something in the air, we did not know if it was gas or smoke.”
Evacuated Carnival Triumph has been docked in Mobile, Alabama for repairs since February. There were no injured people on board of Carnival Triumph. Carnival is not a part of the investigation as to the cause of the explosions.