Freighter sinks off Greece, 2 dead and 8 missing

By Accidents

There was a collision between 2 vessels in southern Greece, 2 Syrian crew members are dead and 8 are missing, rescue teams are trying to locate the other missing seamen.
The tragic accident happened 7am (0400GMT) 78miles(125km) southwest of the southern Peloponnese peninsula.
The collision was between Consouth (flag Antigua) and Pirireis (flag Cook Islands). Weather was fine and the rescue operation was faciliated. Pirireis was transporting a cargo of fertilizer to Ukraine, sank. 7 people of 17 were rescued and 2 bodies were pulled out of the water.
The Consouth was heading to Malta from Turkey and had 16 Russian crew members, Filippino and Polish seamen on board(All safe).