Pirates kidnap 5 people from ship off Nigeria

By Piracy

5 crew members were kidnapped in Nigeria waters by pirates. Pirate attacks in Gulf of Guinea are rising.
The MV City of Xiamen container vessel(Antigua and Barbuda-flagged) was under attack 5 days ago off the coast of oil-producing Bayelsa state, according to information from security sources.
Most of the people on the ship were from Sri Lanka and there was 1 member from Russia and 1 from Myanmar.
The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) informed for 14 well armed pirates that attacked the container vessel and breached its citadel which is built to defend the crew from bandits. The armed men took 5 people as hostages and also took all the money on the ship.
There was another case of attack when a speed boat off Nigeria fired upon another container ship on April 24 but did not have success with the attack because the vessel increased its speed and escaped.