MAERSK Signs Up for INTTRA E-Shipping

By Finance

The company of Maersk Line sign a multi-year e-commerce shipping network agreement with INTTRA as part of a strategic growth strategy for Maersk and Inttra.
The brands of Maersk Line Seago Line, Safmarine, and MCC are going to extend the benefits of the INTTRA e-commerce shipping network to its clients, making INTTRA the preferred global portal for automating shipping processes.
The new Maersk-Inttra contract is the latest business partnership that spans twelve years. Since 1st working together, the 2 shipping companies have maintained a joint commitment to enhance customer satisfaction, remove expenses and drive efficiencies through the use of e-commerce solutions in the ocean shipping industry. As both the market and clients have matured, Maersk Line and INTTRA have evolved e-commerce from an independent IT activity to an essential business solution for more profitable commercial growth.
By leveraging INTTRA e-business solutions, we will continue to secure more value to our clients and position ourselves for long-term growth,” told Jesper E. Thomsen, Head of Sales & Customer Service at Maersk Line. “We recognize that our continued expansion of e-business solutions is vital in maintaining our position as the shipping industry’s leading global carrier and meeting our commitment to client service excellence. As such, it was a natural decision to renew our growth contract with INTTRA.”
Clients are going to continue to enjoy the same Maersk service by using INTTRA’s multi-carrier solution as they will by using Maersk Line’s proprietary e-business solution.